Communication Management


  • Bachelor – 3 years – 180 credits
  • Thematic approach
  • Practice-oriented, broad and integrated training that anticipates new trends and developments in the communication sector
  • 2 majors: 
    • Commercial Communication
    • Public relations & Marketing Communication

In the first year, you lay a strong foundation and you get a broad outlook on the wondrous world of communication. During this first year, you discover your strengths and your weaknesses and the things you like to do. After the first year you choose between two majors: Public relations & Marketing Communication or Commercial communication.

In the third year you learn to work independently and you are crammed for the job market. The emphasis is now on teamwork and the approach is practice-oriented. You get the chance to work together on practice tasks. In this way you discover all aspects of communication and you will notice quickly that you get the knack in communication. During your last year, you take an internship of 3 months in a company. Everything you have learned, will now come in handy. Show what you are worth. You are ready to enter the business world.

Strengths of the programme

  • Practical training that crams you for the job market
  • Much attention is paid to communicative skills
  • Study is supported with modern ICT-applications
  • Personal study guidance
  • Thematic education with attention for systematic work in teams
  • Projects in cooperation with PR-agencies, advertising agencies and event agencies
  • Intensive guidance
  • Enthusiastic teaching staff

Communication is action! In your second year you organize an event from beginning to end in teams. You get to choose the event yourself: a fashion show, a festival for kids, a rock concert, … there are no restrictions! An event is something you look forward to, something which takes up a lot of energy and asks for a great deal of creativity. The climax? The day of your event.

You also gain more in-depth knowledge in the different disciplines of communication. You visit companies, advertising agencies and PR-agencies.

During your second year you make your first short film and in your third year you learn to make a company film and a commercial. During your training you push back frontiers, both literally and figuratively. You stay in London for a week where you brush up your English. You visit companies and communication agencies that you contacted yourself.

You start your international carrier with us. A few months abroad to study or to do you internship: tempting, right?

We prepare you for the job market. You get the opportunity to work on actual practical assignments. In this way you discover all aspects of communication. During your last year you take an internship of 3 months in a company. Everything you have learned, will now come in handy. You are now ready to enter the business world!


Head of study programme: Hervé Van de Weyer

International coordinator:  Brigitte Luyten

Departmental coordinator international relations: Brigitte Luyten