PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Hogeschool PXL, you just have to feel it. This can only happen by chatting with PXL-students, by chattering with PXL-teachers/lectors, by visiting a PXL-graduate who is employed in the job of our dreams, by taking classes during our open class days or by paying a visit during our information days. 
Despite the fact that you can’t ‘feel’ Hogeschool PXL through this website, I as a president (as proud as punch) would like to introduce our school to you…

  • 9 departments 
  • 7 campus’ 
  • 22 degree programmes 
  • 19 professional bachelor programmes 
  • 3 master programmes
  • 5 advanced bachelor programmes
  • 1 specific teacher training 
  • 20 post graduates
  • 8.000 students 
  • 1.400 graduated professionals every year 
  • 900 staff members
  • 17 expertise units 
  • 100.000 visitors each year for congresses, seminars and events

Hogeschool PXL is a higher education institution of trust

You as a student are important at our school and my fellow-workers guarantee that you are offered education of superior quality. We want to build up a relationship of trust in an atmosphere of sincerity and mutual respect.

Hogeschool PXL is a modern higher education institution

We want to do pioneering work in terms of the application of new information and communication technologies in education. Innovatory technologies support our competence-aimed education. This means that the development of your competences, as they are required in the field of work, are central.

Hogeschool PXL is an enterprising and networking higher education institution

To be able to train students by means of competence-aimed education, the business world contributes greatly to our education. This way of (co)operation stimulates you to be ambitious and show enterprise. Our university college works actively on her – and therefore also on your – network. Prominent figures from in and out of Limburg know and appreciate Hogeschool PXL because of this. We know our ways within provincial administration and governments. We are actively involved in consulting councils, the board of governors of different instances and organisations. This network guarantees your excellent (starting) position on the job market.

Hogeschool PXL is an inquisitive higher education institution

The cooperation with the business world is also revealed in constantly extending research. This improves the quality of your education. We do everything we can to build out an actual research climate. You get the chance to participate in thematic scientific research during your education.

Hogeschool PXL is international

Various European and international exchange initiatives enable you to study abroad during your education. You can also acquire an international experience while staying in Hasselt by means of technology. 

Hogeschool PXL is a democratic higher education institution

Your opinion matters at Hogeschool PXL. You are supported and guided to be able – as a student’s representative- to make your wishes and those of your fellow students known in consulting councils.

Hogeschool PXL is a successful higher education institution

By offering education of superior quality and the necessary study and student guidance, we deliver a diploma that is very in demand on the job market. In short, Hogeschool PXL wants to be an open higher education institution: a place where various people live together and learn from each other in a climate of mutual respect. I hope that you will find a study programme at our school and I wish you a lot of success in your studies!

Ben Lambrechts
President PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts