Future teaching (FUTE)

The modern European school system calls for innovative, inclusive teaching methods. This project aims to deliver that in the form of a new didactic platform. The platform consists of theory, tools, and a training course for teachers and student teachers, including a training manual. The theoretical framework is Design School Kolding’s ‘6C model’, which incorporates design thinking and methodology. The tools are methods cards: physical teaching tools developed via an original approach: user-involving, dialogue-based design methodology. The cards are an adaptation of the 6C model. Simply put, they are a way to present abstract concepts like the design process and the composition of organizations in easily understood terms and visual models. The training course provides a solid introduction and instruction in how to incorporate the didactic platfom into one’s daily teaching.

Seven partners from five countries will develop, test and implement method cards in a variety of school cultures and contexts in Europe. The method cards aim to empower teachers to take greater control over their jobs, increase their confidence in and strategic overview of their teaching plan, and inject innovation, dynamism an creativity into their classes. The cards will enable and encourage teachers and students to co-create subject content. This will help motivate and interest students and increase job satisfaction for teachers, which will contribute towards retaining talented teachers in their jobs.

Partners: Design School Kolding, South Denmark European Office, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Reseau Canopé, University of Turku, University College South Denmark

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Wouter Hustinx
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  • S 270 Pedagogiek en didaktiek
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01/09/2017 – 31/08/2020
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Wouter Hustinx