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Student services


First of all PXL University College does NOT offer student residences on campus. You need to rent a student room from private landlords.

Students generally rent a room (or “kot”) in a student house shared with between 5 and 60 fellow students. Rooms are usually furnished and are minimum 12 m² in size. Bed linen and kitchen utensils are not provided. Each room has a private sink. Kitchen and shower is shared or individual. Access to internet is widely available in private student accommodation.

The average rent is about €320 per month, including expenses for utilities. You always need to pay a deposit of two months’ rent in advance. Your rent needs to be paid monthly.

We have an up-to-date database with available rooms. This database contains a list of all available accommodations, including the names of landlords/landladies and owners who use the official tenancy agreement.

It is advisable to use this official tenancy agreement, as it guarantees the rights of a tenant. In case of a discord between tenant and landlord/landlady/owner, someone of the social service acts as an intermediary. If you sign the contract of a certain period, you also need to pay the rent for the whole period, even if you want to leave earlier. So think about this before you sign the contract. Do not wait until you arrive in Belgium to rent a room! From April 2015 onwards, we have a youth hostel in Hasselt where you can stay for a short period.

Contact: studentservices@pxl.be

PXL  offers a wide range of student services so that every student will be able to study and develop under the best circumstances.
Students are always welcome with questions, requirements and wishes.  The staff guarantees information, advice, assistance for all possible aspects of student life : practical information, financial questions, emotional and relationship problems, study support, social-legal topics, sports and cultural activities, ..


There are cafeterias and restaurants on the different campuses. Hot meals are offered between 11.30 and 13.30 at student prices. The restaurants are closed during the holidays.


Three PXL campuses provide a library with all essential specialist literature, magazines and periodicals.
It's possible to study at the library. Reservation for a quiet study cell can be made at the information desk.
PXL-Library guide for international students 

Social services

When things do not work out the way you want them to: problems with your parents, sleepless nights, fear for exams, … When you can’t stand up for yourself or feel bad. When you want to talk with someone about topics like relationships, sexuality, alcohol, drugs, …
The social workers offer a conversation to find solutions or to clear your mind. If it might be necessary, you can get to find further therapy or psychotherapeutic sessions.
Contact: studentservices@pxl.be


In Hasselt and Diepenbeek several indoor and outdoor sports can be practiced. Visit this website for more information:
We also offer good deals for swimming (for free), squash, wall climbing, outdoor tennis, ice skating and fitness.
Contact: sportdienst@pxl.be

Practical guide

Guide for international students

Study in Flanders