English version: Entrepreneurship

The PXL-UHasselt StudentStartUP at UHasselt and PXL University of Applied Sciences
At the UHasselt and PXL University of Applied Sciences each student can be an entrepreneur!
Each student can develop an idea during his or her studies under the guidance of a business coach and start their own business. 
We provide a personalized track within your study (fe. Statute student - entrepreneur , adaptation project/course/etc.)
We organise several workshops such as brainstorm sessions, pitch events, information sessions, workshops with a focus on the development of your business, business coaching by companies, etc.
Through networking events or competitions you can make the right contacts for your start-up.
To be able to work professionally we count on our partner the Corda INCubator where you can enter as a start-up in their community.
Here you can get in touch with other start-ups and companies and their networks, and you can use various facilities such as offices or meeting rooms.

If you don’t want to start your own company, you’re still welcome to follow our workshops and events. This way you’ll get in touch with our entrepreneurial culture at the PXL University of Applied Sciences and UHasselt and you’ll get some skills that you can use as an intrapreneur in an existing company.