Doctoraatsonderzoek Ivan Dobrev: Trojan Ceramics

Central to this artistic rese- arch is the system of Troyan ceramics as an applied art, combined with the discipline of sculpture.

The main objective of the pre- sent project is based on the notion of the contemporary figurative sculpture, altered through the means of color and shape, inspired by the cultural heritage and methods of practice of the Troyan ceramics. In this context, color and form are meant to constitute matter as a self-informed center of gravity. Within the particularities of their combinations, each figure is supposed to act and sustain its appearance, by ways of inter-play between shape and color patterns. Their visible structure is subject to the form as the essence of plastic mo- vement, and to color, as the substance of its expression. However, non of the patterns have a fixed place or meaning, as it might be the case of the traditional Troyan design. The aim of such application, is rather to transcend its own decorative principle by aesthetically different organization of the components characteristic for the Troyan style.

Project informatie

David Huycke (UHasselt en PXL) & Bert Willems (UHasselt en PXL)
Lopend project
IWETO code:
  • H 315 Esthetica
Startdatum – einddatum:
2012 - 2019
Omkadering 2013
0,5 VTE