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Finding a place to stay

During your time here at PXL you will need a place to stay. PXL does not offer student residences on campus. You will have to rent a room on the private market. Make sure you know where your campus is. We have campusses both in Diepenbeek and in Hasselt. There are rooms available in both towns. The towns are approximately 5km apart. You can easily travel between the towns by bicicle or public bus

What does student housing look like in Belgium? 

Students generally rent a room (or “kot”) in a student house shared with between 5 and 60 fellow students. Rooms are usually furnished and are minimum 12 m² in size. Bed linen and kitchen utensils are not provided. Each room has a private sink. Kitchen and shower is shared or individual. Access to internet is widely available in private student accommodation.

Where to look?

There is a database with available rooms from landlords who use the official tenancy agreement (with PXL logo). If you use this official tenancy agreement, in case of a discord between tenant and landlord, someone of the PXL social service acts as an intermediary. Also check the subrenting list. This is a list of rooms that are available during (part of) the academic year because the student-tenant is temporarily abroad.

There are also "koten" outside of this database (Google for 'studentenkamer Hasselt', 'kot Hasselt',...). 

Don't get scammed!

Be vigilant of fraudulent activities while searching on the private market outside the database! Before paying a deposit, google the address, name and contact details of the landlord. Never pay a deposit via Money Gram, Western Union, TNT or UPS. A money transfer via Bank or Creditcard is much more secure. If you have any doubts concerning your rental agreement, strange fees or the landlord’s behaviour, please reach out to us via

How much does it cost?

The average rent of a room is about €400 per month, including expenses for utilities. For a flat or a studio, you may count about €500 per month. You always need to pay a deposit of one or two months’ rent in advance. Your rent needs to be paid monthly.

Please note that if you sign a contract or pay a deposit, you are legally bound. If you leave early and break the contract, you’ll have to pay a penalty. Get informed about the cancellation policy; what is the policy that if due to circumstances you have to terminate your stay earlier?

Make sure to know what the terms & condition are for regaining your deposit at the end of your stay.

Don’t sign a contract until you are sure you are accepted and coming to stay with us at PXL. On the other hand, if you only want to rent for one semester, don’t wait until you arrive in Belgium. There aren’t many short time rent (less then 10 months) student rooms available.

Difficulties finding a room for Autumn semester?

Landlords will prefer students that rent a room for a full year but, later in summer, they are usually more willing to rent out for shorter periods. As many of you need to secure a room on the private market for Autumn semester, we can imagine that this process can quite be a struggle. Don't find a room in Hasselt? Try expanding your search to Diepenbeek!

Temporary Housing solution

You've found a room but it's not yet availble at arrival? You could reserve a bed in Hostel H. It's a youth hostel close to the railway station and at walking distance of the centre of Hasselt. Students can book cheap accommodation in Hostel H for a short period. PXL students receive a discount. Please use the acceptance letter or your student card to certify that you are a PXL student. More information:

Sorting and Selection of Waste

Ask the landlord how the waste collection is organised in your student room. Belgium has a system of selective waste collection. Each different type has to be put in a special bag. These bags can be purchased at various shops. Please only use the official bags, other bags will be refused and misuse can be punished. The garbage bags have different colours, and each colour stands for a different kind of waste.

Check when having sorting doubts!

Waste collection at home

Check the waste collection calender.

  • Blue PMD bags = plastic packaging (empty plastic bottles and flasks from drinks and bathing/cleaning products, crisp bags, butter tubs, yoghurt cups, plastic cups, plastic bags) + metal packaging (Cans, aluminum plates, metal cops, lids and tops) + drink cartons. ! NOT: aluminum foil, plastic toys, plastic cutlery, badly rinsed drink containers, containers with toxic content
  • Green GFT bags = all organic waste: fruit and vegetable peels, tea bags, eggshells, coffee, plants, food leftovers.
  • Grey bags = all household garbage that is not paper, cardboard, glass, organic waste or PMD
  • Paper and cardboard = no special bag, you can put them in a cardboard box.

Collection points

  • Glass: there are special containers for glass (one for white glass and one for coloured glass) available all over town. Find a glass container. NOT: light bulbs or flat glass (for instance from a window).
  • Small electronics, light bulbs: appliances smaller than your head ? Light bulbs? Bring them in these blue boxes that you will find in your local supermakets, do-it-yourself, electro stores etc. Find a collection point.
  • Medication: expired or unused medication is welcome in any pharmacy.
  • Container park: materials that are dangerous if dumped or burned, possibly leading to soil contamination and their packaging should be submitted in a container park. Ask your landlord.
  • Second hand shop: your appliance still works or could be repaired ? A second hand shop can give it a second life!